Reiki for all Animals

Why animals need healing

When a pet is affected by something, either emotionally or physically, it may be blamed for bad behaviour or can suffer from ill-health.

The animal will try to communicate that something is wrong and become exhausted and depressed if the problem persists.  This can  deplete its immune system leading to health problems as the animal’s energy field spins out of balance. The problem may be short-term or long-term but, regardless of duration, it will affect the energy field. Quantum-Touch® and Reiki help to restore balance.

Picture of a happy dog running
Feeling good!

Benefits of Reiki & Quantum-Touch® for Animals

  • Can be used as a general tonic for the well-being of your animals.
  • Are a great complement to conventional veterinary treatment.
  • Can help to settle dogs staying in kennels.
  • Help with trauma, abuse and neglect.
  • Can heal and release emotions.
  • Can help your animal to relax by reducing nervousness, hyperactivity, anxiety and stress.
  • Relieve pain and inflammation.
  • Speed the healing of wounds and help bone realignment.
  • Comfort animals facing a serious illness.
  • Can bring comfort to dying animals and their owners.

Important Notice

Your attention is drawn to the notice of compliance with the Veterinary Surgery Act 1966 (amended 1996) in Practice Information.