Crystal Therapy

Crystal healing has its roots in antiquity and the present-day body of knowledge is supported by thousands of years of practical experience. It brings balance and support to the body’s own healing systems in a non-invasive and gentle process.

Working through vibration, resonance and colour, crystals heal holistically.  They act on your body, mind, psyche and spirit to restore equilibrium and help to rectify the underlying causes of a condition.

Aqua aura quartz crystal

Amethyst, for example, has strong healing powers and is particularly effective in providing pain relief. Amethyst placed over the site of pain gently draws it from the body and the process releases energy that has become lodged. For this reason it is helpful for headaches and migraine, especially where they are caused by tension or stress.

I believe that crystals have a role in preventing disease and keeping individuals balanced and healthy. If someone does become ill, crystals can be used as gentle and effective healing tools. The healing brings the body’s emotions, mind and spirit back into harmony. Whilst not necessarily offering a cure in itself, crystal therapy can improve the condition and aid recovery.

I qualified as a Crystal Healing Practitioner in 2010 and use crystals to enhance my Reiki healing. I can also offer a crystal chakra balance which gives the recipient a calm, balanced feeling of well-being.