Frequent Questions

What happens during a treatment session?

The treatment takes place in a room dedicated to clients with soft lighting and relaxing background music. It will usually last 45 minutes and is carried out in silence to allow you to relax and drift with the music.  Talking distracts the practitioner and the treatment may not be as effective. During treatment you will feel very relaxed and may even drift off to sleep.

What does the practitioner do?

The practitioner places her hands in a series of non-intrusive positions to channel pure chi energy through her hands to you. The treatment helps to promote deep relaxation, enhancing your natural ability to maintain your personal well-being or heal yourself.

I just want to relax. Can I still come for therapy?

Of course! Working in partnership with your conscious or unconscious needs and best interests, the intelligent energy works where it is needed and is instrumental in releasing stress and tension.  In a state of relaxation the body is in the best condition to attempt self-repair, and the mind to regain a more positive, balanced outlook.

How will I feel after a treatment?

After your treatment you may feel a little light-headed and drowsy. It is advisable to relax after your treatment and to drink plenty of water.