Equine Reiki & Quantum-Touch®


Why horses need healing

When a horse is affected by something, either emotionally or physically, it may be blamed for bad behaviour or it can suffer from ill health.

The animal will try to communicate that something is wrong and become exhausted and depressed if the problem persists.  This can  deplete its immune system  leading to health problems as the animal's energy field spins out of balance. The problem may be short-term or long-term but, regardless of duration, it will affect the energy field.  Reiki and Quantum-Touch®  help to restore balance.

Pancho receives reiki treatment from Anne

Benefits of Reiki & Quantum-Touch®

  • Can be used as a general tonic for the well-being of your horse .
  • Are a great complement to conventional veterinary treatment.
  • Help with past trauma events, which may be holding  your horse back, by releasing emotional memories.
  • Speed healing of post-operative wounds, inflammation, laminitis, swelling and arthritis. Help to realign bones.
  • Increase energy levels for endurance.
  • Create a good atmosphere, energy and feeling in horseboxes and stables for horses that become upset by those situations.
  • Aid highly strung horses that are excitable when ridden.
  • Help comfort horses who have lost stable companions

 Important Notice

Your attention is drawn to the notice of compliance with the Veterinary Surgery Act 1966 (amended 1996) on the "Practice Information" page.

Equine Reiki post-treatment advice

  • After treatment your horse may feel tired and will need to be in a quiet, peaceful place to relax.
  • Don't ride your horse for a few hours after treatment.
  • Provide water - your horse may need to drink more after treatment.
  • Your horse may pass more wind or stools than normal.  This is the way that the body rids itself of toxins.
  • More treatments may be necessary, which I will discuss with you.